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Homosexuality Is a Mental Illness Essay -- Argumentative Essay

Homosexuality Is a Mental Illness The historical backdrop of gay or same sex relationships has been long in the entire world. The majority of the western social orders in the early time endured it. Amazingly, they went to a degree of praising a similar sex connections and relationships. In antiquated Rome, there are confirmations of a similar sex relationships however their evidence isn't clear. Same sex relationships can likewise be followed in medieval Europe and furthermore the antiquated Greece. There are likewise some different evidences of gay relationships among Africans Native Americans. There have been a great deal of confirmations which shows that homo sexual want has been recorded from early stage times in the east piece of the globe. This longing is the explanation for gay associations, ordinarily between men. It more than once remembered some variety for age. There has been extremely uncommon data on connections among ladies in early occasions. This could be on the grounds that ladies were not rewarded with equivalent status with men, to such an extent that while men were allowed to rehearse sexual and sentimental delight both without and inside marriage, ladies were not permitted ( In China, Male love was very energized particularly in Fujian, the southern territory. Men would wed young people in complex services. These relationships would keep going long. At the last piece of this marriage, the senior accomplice would enable the more youthful accomplice to locate a female spouse with the goal that he could settle down and start a family. At the west, old Greece gives us the main western records in regards to gay connections. In old Greece, gay connections and relationships were a standard in the general public. Luckily, these connections didn't substitute marriage among lady and a man, yet happened close to or before it. During Hellenic occasions in Europ... ...s profound quality. Since time in remembrance, same sex relationship is regarded corrupt and it will stay indecent for eternity. Permitting this thing to happen straightforwardly is to send an unfortunate message to God, the individuals and the mental soundness will have been subverted. This conflicts with divine beings educating and as per the sacred Bible; it is similar reasons that made Sodom and Gomorrah to be burned to the ground. Something very similar can even now happen today. References: Eric M. Rodriguez (2010). At the Intersection of Church and Gay: A Review of the Psychological Research on Gay and Lesbian Christians. Diary of Homosexuality.1-35 Ralph E. Roughton, (2002) MD. Reexamining homosexuality. What It Teaches Us About Psychoanaysis. Diary of the American Psychoanalytic Association. The world history of gay love. Recovered on seventh December 2010 from

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AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and their need in the community Research Proposal

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and their need in the network - Research Proposal Example Of these, 7.6 million were expected to CHD. It has been evaluated that by 2015, around 20 million individuals will kick the bucket from cardiovascular infection (World Health Organization). 80,700,000 Americans experience the ill effects of CVD. 73,000,000 have HBP, 16,000,000 have CHD, 5,300,000 experience the ill effects of cardiovascular breakdown, and 650,000-1,300,000 have inherent cardiovascular deformities. In the age bunch 20-39 under 20 percent of the populace experience the ill effects of CVD. 39 percent of the populace in the age bunch 40-59 experience the ill effects of some type of CVD. In excess of 70 percent of the populace in the age bunch 60-79 experience the ill effects of some type of CVD. In excess of 80 percent of the populace more than 80 years experience the ill effects of some type of CVD. CVD represented 869,724 of every one of the 2,397,615 passings in 2004. Roughly 250,000 passings result from respiratory failures every year. It has been evaluated that the yearly occurrence of respiratory failure is 600,000 new assaults and 320,000 intermittent assaults. More than 148,000 were under 65. 2,400 Americans bite the dust of CVD every day. 310,000 p assings happen out-of-clinic or in medical clinic crisis divisions. Measurements show that an American will endure a coronary occasion at regular intervals, and consistently somebody will kick the bucket from one. 38 percent of the individuals encountering a coronary assault in a given year will kick the bucket. 82 percent of individuals kicking the bucket of CHD are 65 years or more established. CHD caused one out of five passings among Americans in 2004. A bigger number of individuals passed on from CVD than from Cancer in 2004. CVD positioned most elevated among malady classifications in medical clinic releases in 2005. Future would increment by seven years if all types of CVD were dispensed with (Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 1-40). As indicated by the World Health Organization, passings by cardiovascular failures are preventable. CPR and defibrillation inside the initial couple of moments after breakdown, trailed by cutting edge care can bring about high endurance rates. 20,000 lives could be spared every year by the utilization of Automated External

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Amazon © | Denys PrykhodovAn extremely important e-commerce channel, Amazon has unique features and benefits. In this article we will look at 1) what is Amazon,  2) how to sell successfully on Amazon,  3)  advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon,  and 4) Amazon success stories.WHAT IS AMAZON?The CompanyUnquestionably the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon is an internet giant with global presence and reach. The company began as an online seller of books but quickly adopted emerging trends and branched out into areas such as sales of entertainment media like DVDs, VHSs, CDs, online video and mp3 streaming and downloads, software and video games. It also expanded to begin selling electronics, clothing items, food, toys, children’s items, jewelry, and household items. A few years ago, the company diversified into the production of consumer electronics including the Kindle E-book reader, Kindle Fire Tablets, Fire TV and the Fire Phone. Recently, the c ompany has also started offering cloud computing services.The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington in the United States. It began as the company Cadabra, incorporated by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and went online as in 1995. The company has individual retail websites for the US, France, Germany, the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Australia, India, Mexico and China. There are plans to launch sites for Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Poland, Netherlands and Sweden. Some products can also be shipped to several other international locations.The Business ModelAmazon allows both individuals and businesses to sell their products through the website. The company offers the Seller Central website to manage all aspects of selling via the website. Through this website, a seller can add product information, add inventory and manage orders and payments. Sellers can chose to ship items themselves where certain shipping rates will apply based on the product category or they can chose to use Amazon to fulfill orders. In the second scenario, merchandise is stocked in Amazon fulfillment centers and are packed and shipped by Amazon for an additional charge. Amazon also provides customer service for these items.Selling CostsAmazon offers two selling plans to prospective sellers. There is a professional selling plan where a monthly subscription is charged in addition to a per item fee. There is also an individual plan for people selling less than 40 items per month where only per item fee is charged. The professional plan includes additional services such as top placement in product pages, ability to sell in more categories, customize shipping plans etc.If a seller chooses to use fulfillment by Amazon, additional fees will apply. All third parties can chose to sell as either individual or professional sellers.Inside Amazon: Secrets of an Online Mega-Giant HOW TO SELL SUCCESSFULLY ON  AMAZONImportant Things to Know Before Selling on Amazon.comWhere will prod ucts be listed? The main product page is always the lowest cost offer that is fulfilled by Amazon. Under the product’s name is an ‘offers’ link, where the rest of the product offerings will be listed.How will the order of the merchant offers list be determined? Some of the factors that determine this order include competitive pricing, the number of sellers, history as a seller with Amazon, and number of seller reviews.How can products be moved to the top of the list? The best way to move products up a list is to make sure that any items sold through Amazon are done so in a smooth and efficient way. Quicker than this method is to either sell a popular product at a lower price or sell a product with less competition to start building credibility as a seller.Who benefits the most from selling on Certain types of sellers are more successful than others. These include those who sell unique items that they product themselves, those who sell niche items or things that app eal to hobbyists and those that sell refurbished or used items.Should products be associated with a product already listed? Amazon allows products to be listed only once so if a product is connected to an already listed item there is a higher chance it will be seen.Why can some shipping methods not be used at first? Sellers start off with some basic shipping methods and gradually earn the right to offer better shipping methods such as two day shipping when reliability has been established.How can seller reviews be increased? Reviews cannot be solicited in exchange for money or reward. If the customer is given a great experience from beginning to end, they will be more likely to leave a positive review on their own.Tips for Selling on AmazonCreating Successful Product PagesA vital step to creating a successful sales business on is to create easy to find and informative product pages. The key areas in this regard are:Create a Strong Headline: The first thing to do to create a successful and attractive product listing is to create a heading that gives all the necessary information without being full of spam. Items to be included include the brand and any highlighting features or special benefits. Don’t try to fill up with too many keywords as this can result in keyword spamming.Enter Keywords as other ‘Search Terms”: Any important keywords that do not make sense in the title can be entered here. Be sure not to repeat those that are already in the title.Search for Your Own Product: After creating listings, make sure you attempt to search for your own product. This is a good test because you will get an idea of how easy or difficult it is to locate. If you cannot manage to find it, it is a strong possibility that others won’t either. In this case you may need to go back and adjust the keywords. Just by searching as a buyer would, you begin to think as a buyer would and often that can help enhance listings.Enhancing SalesSelling on Amazon has its positives and negatives. There is enormous competition with hundreds of sellers vying for the same customers. But, there are also an estimated 90 million unique visitors to the site every month. According to amazon, new sellers in the marketplace can often see a 50-percent increase in total revenue once they start selling seriously on Amazon. Some tips to achieve this type of success are:Don’t be Afraid to Compete on Price: In the marketplace, one of the major aspects that create product differentiation is price. This is a basic fact and there are ways to use this to continue to be profitable. The seller should try to list items that have enough margin to absorb a lower price offer along with other selling costs.Get a Professional Seller Subscription: Though smaller sellers may want to start out on an individual plan, eventually it is a good idea to move to a pro plan. This offers less per listing charges and a monthly subscription instead. There are other benefits as well such as the ability to upload bulk listings, better reporting on sales, more selling options and the ability to add new and unique listings.Try to Sell a Unique Item: Through a pro plan, a seller has the ability to add new listings to Amazon that will have no competitors. Niche products also often have a specific market that makes these items easier to sell.Market to Amazon Customers: In the Amazon marketplace, a seller has the opportunity to market to the buyer and turn them into a repeat customer. This can be done by making special offers such as a discount on the next purchase or something similar.Common MistakesThere are some basic mistakes that even experienced sellers on make periodically. These includeFailure to Correctly Calculate Shipping Costs: Sellers have to offer shipping options according to Amazon’s criteria for different categories of products. These costs are almost never as low as Amazon estimates. Final amounts end up being higher and the cost has to be born e by the sellers. It is a good idea to add as much as between 50 to 100 percent of the quoted Amazon shipping cost to a seller’s own shipping cost to get an accurate estimate of expenses.Failure to Correctly Price Items: It is necessary to do a marketplace analysis of similar items and see how much they are being sold for. This helps correctly price an item so that it sells quickly. Many items are bundled into Amazon free shipping inside one package which is convenient for customers. To offset this, the item should be priced low enough to offer benefits without the Amazon shipping convenience. But make sure you factor in Amazon’s charges to know exactly how much you will get out of the transaction.Failure to Market Items: It is vital to market items strongly by added good quality images and strong descriptions. In the case of used items, be candid about any defects to avoid false expectations that could lead to returned items and poor reviews.Failure to Sell a Unique Item: If yo u have an item to sell that is not listed, this doesn’t mean that there is no demand for it. In fact it could be the opposite and you may be able to sell it to a niche user at a premium price.Failure to be Available to Ship: Items need to be shipped out quickly once an order is placed. If a seller expects to be unavailable to ship for a few days, then it is a good idea to take down the listing temporarily. Faster shipping leads to better ranking.Failure to Plan for Returns: In cases like software, it is difficult to offer returns. But telling a customer this can often lead to bad reviews and a fall in seller status. It is a good idea to plan for such an eventuality or sell these types of items without a return policy.Failure to Contest a Bad Review or Claim: If there is a bad review from a customer that is not justified, you can ask Amazon to remove it. You can also contest Amazon pointing you out for shipping close to deadline. Customers can be reminded to leave a positive review .Failure to Keep Track of Sales and Queries: It is vital to stay on top of sales and queries and responding to both fast. If an item is not shipped in time you may get a lower seller rating and if a potential customer is not satisfied they may move on or leave a bad review. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SELLING ON AMAZONThere are many advantages and disadvantages of selling through These include the following.Advantages of Selling on Amazon.comHigher Sales: Given the incredible scale of Amazon as a marketplace, there are more chances of selling more products at better prices. Sellers report an average of a 50 percent increase in sale on joining the Amazon marketplace.Better Access to Customers: A visitor to Amazon won’t be looking for your store. But they may be searching for your products. Access to these products may not be possible if not for the Amazon marketplace. Once you have a customer in the door, it is in your power to turn them into repeat customers by off ering a great product and great service.Marketplace Infrastructure: In physical markets, similar sellers often group together to benefit from numbers. Similarly, in the Amazon marketplace, buyers get a variety of options and a better shopping experience. Additionally, single stream checkout and support help create a smooth shopping experience.Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon.comAdditional Fees: Despite increased sales, there are also added costs of the marketplace. Most of these are deducted as a percentage of each item sold and may vary by category of items. This makes it necessary to understand and calculate margins to make sure you remain profitable.Marketplace Infrastructure: Both an advantage and a disadvantage, the marketplace is meant to showcase products, not sellers. This means that there is more need to differentiate but also more restrictions on how to do so.Inventory Sync: It is often a challenge to understand stock level and keep these reconciled. There may be manual work required despite the existence of applications to help do the same.                   AMAZON SUCCESS STORIESAngelynn’s Jewelry OrganizersLynn Williams had been selling her unique jewelry organizers with some success for a number of years. She questioned whether her business was big enough for Amazon, but feels that her decision to eventually sell on Amazon was a miraculous transformation for her product. Lynn came up with her idea back in 1991 but couldn’t get it off the ground till 2005. In 2008, she started selling on Amazon. This is the point where the business took off. Sales steadily increased and now 98 percent of her business is through Amazon.She began by working 80 to 120 hours a week and handling all shipping from her home. She eventually moved to the fulfillment by Amazon model despite reservations about maintaining her profitability. She moved her lower priced items to this model and saw an increase in shipping because of additional Amazon benefits such as free shipping and Amazon Prime. She eventually moved all items to this mode and now runs a streamlined operation with reduced workload for herself.Her product remains admired and respected and she manages to maintain a five star rating. She sells to high end clients, often celebrities but also to places like college dorms and to clients worldwide. This range of customers is possible only through a platform such as Amazon, because people are familiar with it and trust it to be reliable and secure.Bakto FlavorsA scientist by profession, Daphna Haykin-Frenkel creates and sells natural vanilla products and through Amazon, has managed to reach clients worldwide. Passionate about her work, Daphna has spent years researching her product. She felt that the hardest part of her endeavor was to find the right clients. Once she decided to start selling through Amazon, this aspect became simple and streamlined.The business began by selling vanilla flavor, beans and sugar. They have since expanded in to 40 natural flavors and gourmet spices. Though the company still sells through their physical store in New York City as well as their own website, Amazon remains their biggest sales channel. The ease or order procession and excellent customer treatment by Amazon are two major reasons for their preference for selling here.

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Population Of Baltimore City And Baltimore County Essay

SECTION ONE: Population Change in Baltimore City and Baltimore County For this section, examine the data sets you’ve collected for the city and county across the different years. Be sure to pay attention to the information provided in the footnotes—this will help you understand the data you are looking at. 1. What is the population of Baltimore City today? What is the population of Baltimore County today? What proportion of the US population do these populations represent? †¢ The population of Baltimore city is 621, 849 people. The population of Baltimore County today is 831,128 people. Roughly 321,418,820 people live inside the United States in the most recent census. Baltimore city represents .19% of the U.S. population. Baltimore County represents .26% of the U.S. population. 2. How have the populations of each area changed over the past 35 years? Do they hold a larger or smaller proportion of the US population? †¢ The populations have decreased over the last 35 years. They hold a smaller proportion of the US population now. 3. Consider the category â€Å"Race and Hispanic Origin† / â€Å"Race†. †¢ How has this category in the US census changed over time? i. There are more people with Hispanic origin in the United States today than ever before. †¢ Describe the changes in racial composition from 1980 to today in Baltimore City. i. There are more people of the Hispanic and Latino race in Baltimore now than in the 1980’s. The number of AfricanShow MoreRelatedThe Social And Cultural Environment Of Baltimore1719 Words   |  7 PagesThe chart shows how Baltimore economy compares to the United States, needless to say Baltimore is struggling. Unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the United States, and job growth isn’t helping to improve Baltimore’s employment rate. To dig deeper into Baltimore’s economy, the unemployment rate for black men in Baltimore is really low. It is shown that between the ages of 20 and 24 it was 37 percent in 2013, as to being 10 percent for white men in the same category. It also doesn’t helpRead MoreHealth Informatics Case Study817 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween English-speaking doctors and Spanish-speaking patients. We would like to use the Highlandtown Healthy Living Center Branch of the Baltimore Medical System as a pilot for a technology- based Medical Translation and Transcription Service. Currently, the Baltimore Medical System has five health centers that serve almost 45,000 patients in the city and county. The Highlandtown branch has interpretation services such as 13 on-site interpreters and a phone line service available in 200 languagesRead MoreCommunity Policing and Problem Solving1135 Words   |  5 Pagesand crimes that would have been considered inconceivable in the past occurring every day in today’s time. The increase in the population of the United States is also a contributing factor to this increase in crime rate increase but also the main culprit in the need for community policing. Police departments could not have increased in size at a rate equivalent to the population so community policing techniques began to be used to help multiply the manpower of local police forces. The main philosophiesRead MoreOverview and History of the Prison District of Baltimore832 Words   |  3 PagesThe Priso n District of Baltimore, Maryland, is located primarily in an unincorporated community called Townson. With a population of just under 60,000 it is the second most densely populated unincorporated county seat in the United States. The community is located just north of Baltimore City, inside the I-695 and I-83 beltway and has several major neighborhood areas. In the larger area of Townson, the per capita income is about $32,000, but almost 10% of the population is below the poverty lineRead MoreGentrification Is Masqueraded as Revitalization1817 Words   |  8 Pagesdescription of the current transformation of the inner City of Baltimore. When we look at neighborhoods such as Westport, Federal Hill, and Canton, it is evident that gentrification is on the City of Baltimore’s agenda. During the last two terms that Mayor Martin O’Mally has presided over the city, there have been many changes in administration and the population that are causing devastating effects on t he city’s blue collar residents. The Baltimore City Department of Planning=s mission statement contendsRead MoreRacial Segregation In The Baltimore City1279 Words   |  6 Pagesa surprise to visit baltimore ,because it was a very clean and green place. There were lots of trees and parks. It wanted to stay in baltimore, until I explored the outer county. I found there weren’t any bus shuttles, the houses were not managed properly , it looked dirty and most of all it smelled foul. And there are a number of people living in such poor conditions in Maryland.The contrast between the inner and the outer baltimore made me think, why is the outer baltimore more polluted than theRead MoreEssay on A Portrait of Southside Flats1991 Words   |  8 PagesThis way of life would continue until the 1980s when the steel plant was shut down. The area was absent any major employer until 1993 when the City of Pittsburgh Urban and Redevelopment Authority (URA) bought the land once occ upied by the steel factory. The land was bought by the URA with an eye towards commercial development of the area (Pittsburgh City Council). The land eventually was used to build the SouthSide Works complex. The complex officially opened in 2004 and injected new lifebloodRead MoreHomeless And Have Hiv / Aids1617 Words   |  7 PagesTo be Homeless and have HIV/AIDS in Baltimore The problem of homelessness in American has gone pretty much unsolved since the turn of the 20th century or at least since the Great Depression and lately it seems that homelessness has become a desperate cycle often repeated for some who fail to make their way back from losing everything. This is especially true, this 21st century cycle of struggling to get back on one’s feet and then getting knocked down again before gaining any permanence, of thoseRead MoreEssay Baltimore1933 Words   |  8 PagesThe beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland, nicknamed â€Å"Charm City† is full of historical cites and landmarks. It was founded July 30, 1729, and it was named after Lord Baltimore, the first proprietary governor of the Province of Maryland1. It was founded to serve the economic needs of 18th century farmers2. The waterways in Baltimore have been a passage for ships carrying commercial cargo and new citizens since the 1600s. Baltimore became the second leading port of entr y for immigrants to the UnitedRead MoreSocial And Social Impacts Of Slavery By Fredrick Douglass997 Words   |  4 Pagesshore of Maryland and the city of Baltimore. Throughout the story Fredrick switches his settings between the plantation he grew up in â€Å"Great House Farm† in Talbot County and Baltimore. Douglass would state that he had a little more freedom in the city of Baltimore then he did at the Great House Farm. This basically results that in the urban populations, like the city of Baltimore, keep their slave-owners from preventing any form of cruelty to their slaves, since the city is a open society. When Douglass

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Margaret Sanger s Stand Up For Birth Control Rights

Imagine being a married woman in your 30’s during the beginning of the twentieth century. You are worn out from giving birth multiple times and you are desperate to know of a way to prevent yourself from having more children. This was the exact case for millions of women in the twentieth century. Women had no rights as a person, nor did they have any rights to their own bodies. In this era, the topics of sexuality, sex and birth control were all taboo subject matters and never discussed between married or unmarried couples. It wasn’t until the year of 1912 that a woman by the name of Margaret Sanger started her crusade to promote the right for women to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In this essay, I will discuss what inspired Margaret Sanger to stand up for birth control rights. I will also explore the trials and legal issues that Sanger came up against. Lastly, I will talk about the victory and the difference Sanger made for women in the twentieth century. Sanger dedicated her life and career to legalizing contraceptives all across the United States. She wanted all woman to have the freedom to decide whether or not they wanted children. Margaret Louise Higgins (Sanger was her married name) was born in the year of 1879 in Corning, New York. She was sixth of eleven children and was born into an Irish-American family. Margaret knew at a very young age that she wanted to make a difference to empower women and to leave her mark on the world. Margaret wasShow MoreRelatedMargaret Sanger Essay1428 Words   |  6 PagesMargaret Sanger The early twentieth century was a turning point in American history-especially in regards to the acquisition of womens rights. While the era was considered to be prosperous and later thought to be a happy-go-lucky time, in actuality, it was a time of grave social conflict and human suffering (Parish, 110). Among those who endured much suffering were women. As Margaret Sanger found out, women, especially those who were poor, had no choice regarding pregnancy. The only wayRead MoreMargaret Sanger : A Birth Control Activist1508 Words   |  7 PagesMargaret Sanger was not only a birth control activist, she was also an author, a nurse and a sex educator and many of her influences for being an activist come from her family. Born on September 14, 1879, in Corning, New York, she was the sixth of eleven children born into a poor Roman Catholic family (Sanger 14). Her mother had various miscarriages, which Sanger believed affected her mother’s health, and was a devoted Roman C atholic who believed one should conform to the rules while her father wasRead MoreMargaret Sangers Stand Up For Birth Control Rights1325 Words   |  6 PagesImagine being a married woman in your 30’s during the beginning of the twentieth century. You are worn out from giving birth multiple times and you are desperate to know of a way to prevent yourself from having more children. This was the exact case for millions of women in the twentieth century. Women had no rights as a person, nor did they have any rights to their own bodies. In this era, the topics of sexuality, sex or birth control were all taboo subject matters and never discussed between marriedRead MoreMargaret Sanger : A Battle Between Modernism And Traditionalism1368 Words   |  6 PagesRoaring Twenties also know as a new era which was a great time for a revolution.We think of this â€Å"New Era† as a freedom for women. Now women were â€Å"breaking down the spheres of Victorian values (Zeitz). † In 1920, the powerful women s rights movement gave the women right to vote after so many years. Now they started to become more independent and had less restriction put into them.This time period gave rise to the flapper girls who smoke, drank, and had sex as they pleased.Many women became rebelsRead MoreA Speech That Made History1553 Words   |  7 PagesAmericans were beginning to gain some basic human rights, and women were very slowly starting to gain equality with men. Women were now able to get jobs, but they were still not fully in control of their own bodies. There was a lot of (was much) controversy over topics such as pre-marital sex, birth control, and abortion, and these controversies were part of what led Margaret Sanger to give her speech about the morality of birth control in the early 1920s. Sanger used many different techniques in her speechRead MoreMaking A Change : Margaret Sanger1713 Words   |  7 PagesMaking a Change: Margaret Sanger’s 1925 Speech Margaret Sanger’s, The Children’s Era, exudes knowledge on how contraceptives and birth-control will create a better world for the children. This paper conducts a Neo-Aristotelian analysis of Margaret Sanger’s 1925 speech. It contributes to rhetorical theory by advancing knowledge of how rhetors create a consensus on the use of birth-control and contraceptives. The paper proceeds first by establishing the context of the speech, which will include theRead MoreMargaret Sanger s Life And Life1272 Words   |  6 Pages Margaret Sanger was born in Corning, New York on September 14, 1879 [3] as Margaret Louise Higgins. [1] Her father, Michael Higgins, originally studied phrenology and other medical practices, but eventually moved to being a stone cutter. Her mother, Anne Higgins, was born in Ireland, and her family moved to Canada during the Potato Famine. In 1869 Michael married Anne and she went through 18 pregnancies, only 11 of which lived. [3] Margaret was th e sixth child in this long line and spent herRead MoreEugenics And Scientific Racism : Margaret Sanger1174 Words   |  5 Pages Eugenics and Scientific Racism: Margaret Sanger The study or practice of attempting to ‘improve’ the human gene pool by encouraging the reproduction of people considered to have desirable traits and discouraging or preventing the reproduction of people considered to have undesirable traits; Eugenics. In the early 20th century, Eugenics grew popular among mainstream scientists, physicians and the generalRead MoreRisky Business1206 Words   |  5 Pagesthe future for women. Some even risked and gave up their freedom to demonstrate how important it was for society to change. I believe a great example of someone who risked many things for the future of women in society was Margaret Sanger. Sanger began her journey into historical fame as a visiting nurse, someone who saw all of the pain and suffering that women went through due to the lack of birth control and the lack of acceptance of birth control in America, at that time. Jake Sachs, a truckRead More Biography of Margaret Sanger Essay5092 Words   |  21 PagesBiography of Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger founded a movement in this country that would institute such a change in the course of our biological history that it is still debated today. Described by some as a radiant rebel, Sanger pioneered the birth control movement in the United States at a time when Victorian hypocrisy and oppression through moral standards were at their highest. Working her way up from a nurse in New Yorks poor Lower East Side to the head of the Planned Parenthood Federation

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The Evolution Of Micro Finance - 1651 Words

CHAPTER 3: THE EVOLUTION OF MICRO FINANCE IN NIGERIA 3.0. Introduction: In this section the need for Microfinance is discussed; the emergence and development of microfinance in Nigeria is also reviewed. Finally the chapter discuss the ownership and beneficiaries of microfinance in Nigeria. 3.1. The Need for Microfinance: The unwillingness or inability of the formal financial institutions to provide financial services to the urban and rural poor, coupled with the un-sustainability of government sponsored development financial schemes contributed to the growth of private sector-led microfinance in Nigeria. Before the emergence of formal microfinance institutions, informal microfinance activities flourished all over the country. Informal microfinance is provided by traditional groups that work together for the mutual benefits of their members. These groups provide savings and credit services to their members. The informal microfinance arrangements operate under different names: ‘esusu’ among the Yorubas of Western Nigeria, ‘etoto’ for the Igbos in the East and ‘adashi’ in the North for the Hausas (CBN, 2000). The key features of these informal schemes are savings and credit components, informality of operations and higher interest rates in relation to the formal ba nking sector. The informal associations that operate traditional microfinance in various forms are found in all the rural communities in Nigeria (Otu, et al, 2003) . They also operate in the urban centers. TheShow MoreRelatedQuestions On E Procurement Adoption1648 Words   |  7 Pagesinfo records, bidding reports, material/service catalogue, delivery and payment methods, invoice, etc.). 1.2 Hardware, Software and Telecommunication Components Through decades information telecommunication and technology has grown rapidly. This evolution allows IT infrastructure to develop up to present era; cloud computing era (Laudon and Laudon, 2012). Growth of cloud computing especially SaaS (software as a service) increases promisingly (Cisco, 2014). Follows this trend many ASPs (applicationRead MoreAn Explanation of the Britishs Stuggles to Finance the War with Napoleonic France in The British Balance of Payments1087 Words   |  5 Pageswritten by Javier Cuenca Esteban, â€Å"The British balance of payments, 1772-1820: India transfers and war finance† focuses on the British ability to finance the wars with Napoleonic France. Esteban challenges the academic state of debate regarding the importance of exports on British Industrialization by pointing out that he believes without the exports from India, Britain would have struggled to finance her wars with France and may have never become the incubator of Industrialization. His a rgument comesRead MoreInnovation and Entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates Essay1704 Words   |  7 PagesInstitute (2010), the Khalifa Fund demonstrates from its programs that both economic and social development can be effectively realized within any organization’s vision. In order to effectively discuss why innovation has been successful for both Micro Automation and e-Home Automation International, it is imperative that we first and foremost define what innovation in its broadest definition represents. Moore (2011) offers that innovation in its entirety represents a complex construction of divergentRead MorePersonal Statement : Leadership Development Plan1158 Words   |  5 Pagesmultiple organizations and companies, I still have a long way to go for more knowledge and experience in leadership. Leaders always need to train and adjust their skills to the ongoing evolution of economics. I see myself today as a leader that still needs to develop his skills. I teach as an adjunct and work for a finance/accounting firm. In the future, I would like to establish my own firm and continue teaching students how to establish themselves so they can succeed in life and in the future. My personalRead MoreMaster of Planning/Master of Public Administration Dual De gree 1069 Words   |  5 Pagesexperience gained in the corporate world to help environmental conservation non-governmental organizations achieve their missions of sustainable development. During my 20+ years in Corporate America, primarily in information technology and mortgage finance, I procured a diverse set of skills – business and financial management, project work, operations and human resources management – that are valuable to any organization, profit-oriented or mission-based. I have managed many different types of projectsRead MoreResearch Project : Drivers, Barriers And Constraints And Then Refine The Outlook Of Small Scale Power Generation1488 Words   |  6 PagesMicrogeneration is defined as the small-scale production of heat and/or electricity from a low carbon source (45kW for heat 50kW for electricity). The range of technologies captured by this definition includes solar photovoltaics, micro-wind, micro-hydro, heat pumps, biomass, micro-combined heat and power (microCHP) and small-scale fuel cells. (Energy Act, 2004). Uptake and development of these technologies was thought to be of critical importance if the UK is to meet its carbon budgets whilst maintainingRead MoreRole of Micro Finance in Pakistan3889 Words   |  16 Pageswhich is US$ 1 per day. Micro finance is a method to alleviate poverty and empower, and raise the living standard of poor people. Micro finances are provided by the MFIs, who address the financial needs of poor people, neglected by the conventional financial institutions. Micro financial activities are as old as 200 B.C, which were started in India in shape of moneylenders, chit funds and merchant banks. Ireland and Germany are respectively second and third for starting micro financing activities toRead MoreCoca-Colas Principles of Budgeting955 Words   |  4 Pagesin an innovative and different way that would make them stand out and less pressured to invest large costs into promoting themselves. One of its innovations is with its experimentations with food service, such s Coca-Cola Freestyle, where using micro-dosing technology, the hyper-technological soda fountain serves up 125 different flavors of soft drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks and lemonades and sends usage data, such as what flavors are most popular at what times of the day, to Coca-ColaRead MoreCauses And Policies Of Financial Crises1701 Words   |  7 Pagesdetermines the strength of the financial industry, and will aid policy makers to understand an upcoming credit boom. The two different types of postures are: hedge finance that provides more robust and low risk credits, while Ponzi finance is more risked averse. In periods of economic stability like the Great Moderation Ponzi finance tends to be more prevalent, potentially leading to the financial system’s fragility (Knell 2012). Secondly, financial liberalization fosters financial innovation amongRead MoreEbay Bids for Structured Change Essay e xample1300 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizational goals, and it is difficult for the organization to monitor the performance of individual managers in the functional areas (edugov). The addition of more buyout companies (PayPal, Skype) created an evolution in management design for eBay. The CEO and stockholders still needed to micro manage the company, so the new sub divisions were brought in and this created a change in the U form style was implemented. This new style then evolved into a better structure for faster decision making and

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Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain free essay sample

Waste water In the Arab world the water challenges are well studied and researched. There are facts that water security is disappearing. Especially in Bahrain, where it is a small island and the demand of water is increasing year by year. Waste water in Bahrain started to occur by human activities of companies, agriculture and can include a wide range of pollution. Water is an important thing, therefore solutions should be made and to be delivered to the citizens of the importance of water nowadays.There is a limited awareness of Bahraini citizens about water limitations, they are using it without any concentrations or thinking. Lots of percentages water being used incorrectly whether in plantings, home usage, or other water based activities. This has caused many issues relating to water, even to the citizens of Bahrain because water is a necessity object in everything.Moreover, issues of water quality and maintenance are decisively important; as having a constant water supply besides the water resources it could affect the development of the country as well (Gulf News, 2010). We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Water comes into mostly everything in life, it is important for human being and animals to live, plant protection where lots of agricultural industries and farming areas are being developed in the region. As well as, it’s involved in lots of manufacturing, chemicals and business sectors fields. As a fact it is more important than the oil which Bahrain is relying on for its economic aspects. Bahrain is planning new waste water treatment for the Tubli Sewage Treatment Plant. Khalifa Ebrahim Al Mansoor, the ministry assistant undersecretary stated in his report that the proposal of arranging a connection with the private sector in order to expand and upgrade the Tubli Sewage Treatment Plant will be positively expected at the end of year 2011.In addition, he also said that Tubli plant is not proficient with treating the problems related to waste water and Muharraq plant will pact the waste water and generate enough amount of water for landscaping. And as a result of that it will decrease the shortages of water in Bahrain. This privatization project is mainly developed to increase the Greenfield sewage plant treatment with facilitating the designing, financing, testing and operating well water usage in the region.Furthermore, this project is supposed to establish and introduce t he main concept of waste water management throughout the people and overall firms of Bahrain and reduce number of operational problems that are faced now and find solutions within the next 50 years (Clean Middle East, 2011). Only the stated above will not be enough for now, as people are not very much aware of the shortages that Bahrain is facing for water. That is why institutes and more awareness programs should be provided in the country in order to be able to succeed in reducing waste water problems.